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Occupational Therapists Insurance in Canada

  • Instant, Approved and NO MEMBERSHIP FEE
  • Insurance that is approved by All Occupational Therapist Colleges Nationwide
  • Offered by Canada’s LARGEST insurance provider of Health and Wellness Practitioners
  • Insured by the world’s largest insurance company
  • Receive your policy instantly saving you time and money

Professional Liability Insurance for Occupational Therapists is coverage for claims stemming from…

  • A recommendation you made to someone exasperates their condition.
  • Their rehabilitation process isn’t going to plan and they file a lawsuit claiming it is your fault
  • You miss a crucial step in their rehabilitation and you find yourself being sued for professional negligence

As an occupational therapist you require insurance, plain and simple. The college of occupational therapists requires you to hold insurance to hold coverage throughout the year to defend the public from your negligence. Sounds, kind of harsh doesn’t it! Mandated insurance coverage because your college thinks you may hurt someone and get sued.

At Lackner McLennan insurance we understand that purchasing professional liability as an occupational therapist can be a painful purchase. That is why we have created an insurance process that is

  • Simple
  • Instant
  • College approved

Lackner McLennan insurance is a 70 year old company with a specialization in offering insurance the health and wellness community all over Ontario. Over the last several years we have been working diligently to find a professional liability product for Occupational Therapists. We believe that the insurance segment for occupational therapists is thoroughly underserviced and deserves an insurance broker that makes the process as painless, and affordable as possible.

Occupational Therapists do a world of good for the public, what is more important then moving people past a serious injury and on with their lives? We understand the value you give to your clients as an occupational therapist and how you are often under paid and over worked. Realizing this Lackner McLennan insurance went about creating a professional liability insurance product that fits this niche.

Being Canada’s largest insurance broker for literally hundreds of professionals both regulated and non-regulated we have garnered great respect from insurance companies. Professions we insure are both well educated and professional and we believe they deserve a break on their professional insurance. As we learned more about the profession of Occupational Therapists it became very stark that this wonderful profession more than qualified and deserved a professional liability insurance product to support them.

We have listened to your concerns regarding current options for professional liability for Occupational Therapists and think we can help! We have partnered with an insurance company who specializes in offering comprehensive, expedited & affordable professional liability insurance to regulated professions like occupational therapists. Working with underwriters who understand that Occupational Therapists are a low risk class of business they are able to pass the savings on to you!

Lackner McLennan Insurance also knows your needs when it comes to professional liability insurance. We are different in the fact that we underwrite all Occupational Therapists. Thoroughly understanding your profession, activities, and what is included in your scope of practice and daily activities we aggressively advocate on all Occupational Therapists behalf. By offering comprehensive coverage, professional insurance brokers to answer your questions, and instant certificates we let you, the occupational therapist easily renew with the college of insurance and go back to necessary and fulfilling career. Our biggest advantage at Lackner McLennan Insurance is we offer a membership free insurance option. By having considerable say within the health and wellness community, and advanced processing expertise we take your insurance needs we take all these resources, convert it into insurance premium savings and pass it on to you the Occupational Therapist.

Thank you for considering Lackner McLennan Insurance for your occupation professional Liability Insurance!


The occupational therapist community deserves a professional liability insurance provider like Lackner McLennan insurance